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High School

"Investing In Eternity One Student At A Time," requires a curriculum and instructional  programs that integrate God's truth into every aspect of the school experience.  North County Christian High School provides an academic environment where a student's personal relationship with Jesus Christ is encouraged and supported by an experienced, qualified, Christian faculty.  Students experience a sense of community that is positive    and exciting.  Working in cooperation with the home and church, our goal is to help  students develop spiritual and intellectual maturity and prepare them to become servant leaders in their communities.

The high school curriculum is primarily college preparatory in nature.  Students will take classes in the core subject areas of English/Literature, History/Geography, Mathematics, and Science. Elective classes in Spanish, Computer, Yearbook, Band, Ensemble, and Drama allow students to accentuate their educational program with learning tailored to their interest.  Our dual enrollment program with St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley, provide juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn college credit while completing their high school graduation requirements.

Daily Bible classes provide occasion for students to explore God's Word as they seek the answers to the questions of Life, Faith, and Truth.  Christian principles involved in dating, marriage, and the family are addressed offering practical guidelines for establishing and maintaining a Christian marriage.

NCCS has a variety of extracurricular athletics and student government activities that provide a well-rounded high school experience.

North County Christian High School is Accredited through

                                                                    Association of Christian Schools International